How to setup Netgear nighthawk ac1900?

In Netgear nighthawk ac1900, When you plan to start with the setup process then you need to follow some of the steps to make it completed and here we are presenting all the steps so that your process can be made easier and effortless and the steps to be followed are:

  • You will see 2 sides of your Ethernet cable, In which you need to attach one end of the cable to the LAN port of your current gateway and then attach the second end to the WAV port at your Netgear router.
  • You need to connect your computer system with the Netgear router and then open any web browser.
  • Type the web URL and hit enter.
  • You also have access to use the Web URL as or in your web address as they also play the same role.
  • Access of these web address will take you to the login window and you need to fill up the fields given for username and password and your default credentials will be:
Netgear nighthawk ac1900
Netgear nighthawk ac1900

Username: admin

Password:  password

However, you need to be very sure while you log in to the window as your login credentials should be the correct one. If in case the password is already modified previously then be very sure that you are using the changed password not the default one.

  • Once you are logged in you need to Click on ADVANCED >then Advanced Setup > Select Router/ AP / Bridge / Repeating Mode
  • Choose Router mode.
  • Click on Apply
  • At last, your router will reboot automatically and you need to type the router mode. Your device will be assigned with a new IP address that is done from the router with a default gateway of

Steps for performing Factory Reset for Netgear router:

A factory reset is an action that performs once you wish to reset your router back to the default settings, However, this action vanishes your personalized settings including your user name, password, WiFi network name (SSID), and security settings.

This is the only step to recover the password if you are unable to recall the same.

  • Once you have finalized for factory reset make sure your router’s power light should be on.
  • You can simply find the Factory Reset button at the backside of your router.
  • In order to process the same, you need to take the help of any paper clip or any other related object and then press and hold the reset button for seven seconds.
  • After 7 seconds you need to leave the reset button and your router will reset automatically.
  • Once the process is completed you need to log in the router again and this time you can access your router with the default credentials, they are as:

Username: admin

Password: password.

How can I troubleshoot my Netgear nighthawk ac1900?

This is really not compulsory to perform factory reset each time you face issues while accessing the router or login windows, there are many other ways to troubleshoot the issues in order to get them rectified and in order to make it easier for all the users we have mentioned few of the tricks to sort out the issues below:

  • At first, you must not be connected with a number of connections such as wired, wireless or VPN, If you are connected then you need to disassemble all of them and just stay connected with Netgear router.
  • You must check the URL you are typing, as any of the typo errors will also stop you to get into the login window, so in this case, your web URL must be correct whether in form of the domain name or IP address.
  • You can simply restart your devices that you are accessing it can be your laptop, mobile, computer system, Tablets, etc.
  • For time being you can close disable pop-up blockers, firewalls, and ad-blocking software if you observe any issues from their end.
  • Your Firmware can also be an issue as you need to keep the firmware updated in order to keep the routers upgraded.
  • Apart from this you can try and access the help of IP address as or in your web browser, as this also relates to the same destination.
  • The clearing cache memory of your system and browser will help you to sort out the issues you are facing.
  • And at the final end, if all the solutions give the failure then you can simply move towards the factory reset of your router as that will be the only option left to get the default settings back.

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