Netgear Nighthawk R6700 Setup

Nighthawk X6S firmware update manually and automatically

Nighthawk firmware Upgrading to the recent version or last released firmware version by Netgear on your Nighthawk X6S router requires access to the dashboard of your Nighthawk X6S router. Access to dashboard is possible through Netgear router login via as explained below in detail: Nighthawk firmware update

  • Launch a web browser on your computer, ensuring that it is connected to the wireless network of Nighthawk X6S router using the wired cable.
  • Note: The wired ethernet cable connection between the Nighthawk X6S router and the computer is recommended for the firmware upgrade process instead of connecting them wirelessly to avid signal loss rendering router unusable. Nighthawk firmware update
  • Log to your Nighthawk X6S router dashboard through default web domain or in the address bar of the web browser. Nighthawk firmware update
  • The login window pops on the screen prompting to enter the Nighthawk X6S router default login details to access its dashboard. Nighthawk firmware update
  • Enter the default Nighthawk X6S router login user name and password mentioned on the router’s label if you have not changed to secure access while previous login.
Nighthawk firmware update
Nighthawk firmware update
  • The default Nighthawk X6S router username is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘password’ for default login.
  • On successful login, the dashboard of the Nighthawk X6S router appears.
  • Select the advanced option on the Nighthawk X6S router dashboard.
  • Click on the Administration option on the menu list.
  • Select the Firmware Update option on the Nighthawk X6S router dashboard, displayed under the administration. Nighthawk firmware update
  • On the firmware update screen, select amongst the two options to upgrade the firmware on Nighthawk X6S router by selecting either the check button (for automatic firmware update) or by selecting the choose file or browse button (for manual firmware update).
  • For automatic firmware update: Nighthawk firmware update
  • Click on the Check button on the firmware update screen, which allows automatic firmware update Nighthawk X6S router if a new version is available. Nighthawk firmware update
  • Also, enable the router auto firmware update on the screen to update the Nighthawk X6S router automatically in the future on the release of the latest firmware versions.
Nighthawk firmware update via
Nighthawk firmware update via
  • The automatic firmware will start and the Nighthawk X6S router will reboot on its own following the completion of the firmware update.
  • For manual firmware update: Nighthawk firmware update
  • Click on Choose File or Browse option on the firmware update screen to upgrade the firmware on the Nighthawk X6S router manually.
  • Locate and highlight the saved firmware zip file on your desktop and click on Open and Upload to begin Nighthawk X6S router firmware update. Nighthawk firmware update
  • Your Nighthawk X6S router will reboot after the firmware has been uploaded following login.

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  • If your Nighthawk X6S router fails to reboot after firmware upgrade completion, go to the Router Status page to confirm whether the new firmware version has been successfully uploaded. Nighthawk firmware update
  • The Nighthawk X6S router will restart after the newer firmware version is uploaded and updated, which usually takes about three to five minutes to finish the finish upgrade process. Nighthawk firmware update
  • The firmware upgrade process should not be interrupted in any way to avoid firmware corruption of the Nighthawk X6S router.

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